Friday, May 31, 2013

Dispatchers turn down woman's calls for help

Reads like another tale from unraveling America. This one from Oregon.

Law enforcement refuses to respond to a woman's call for help. The sheriff's office and the state police simply said they had no one to send. The violent ex-boyfriend then breaks in and allegedly rapes the woman.

The article says deputies were laid off when federal funding dried up. Strikes me that local law enforcement shouldn't be dependent on federal aid.

Story says local folk have since voted down a tax increase that would have provided more law enforcement.

If people there are too cheap to pay for their own cops, why should anyone else foot the bill?

What else does the county spend money on? You'd think basic law enforcement would be a top priority.

Also strikes me this should be a lesson for those who cling to a false belief that they don't have to plan for their own personal safety because government has it taken care of.

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