Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Obama administration insanity

Saw this in a column at the Washington Times from last March:
One major national firearms retailer, for example, has been under fire for more than two years from the Obama administration’s Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. It seems the company won’t hire convicted felons, which the commission claims amounts to illegal racial discrimination...  
Company officials pointed out to commission investigators threatening to charge the company with discrimination that they couldn’t hire felons even if they wanted to, because federal law prohibits federal firearms licensees from hiring felons. The investigator’s response was, according to a company official I talked to: “That’s your problem, not ours.” 
After reading the Times column, I got curious.  Seems Bass Pro issued a statement in 2011:
"This investigation and the EEOC's conduct demonstrate a troubling tendency by the EEOC to stereotype those who love outdoor sports and support conservation as people who unlawfully discriminate or oppose equal opportunity for all," Mr. Rowland said. For example, EEOC staff investigators have suggested on several occasions that because Bass Pro sponsors a NASCAR race team the company is more likely to discriminate against minorities.  
In addition, the EEOC staff raised questions about Bass Pro's policy against hiring convicted felons, claiming it discriminates against certain minority groups, even though federal regulations prohibit convicted felons from handling firearms, and Bass Pro sells firearms, ammunition and explosives
So why does the same Obama administration that insists we need more background checks to keep ineligible persons from having access to guns also insist we need felons working in guns stores where they would have access to all kinds of arms and ammunition?

H/T: Matt Bracken who tweeted the Washington Times link earlier today

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