Tuesday, May 7, 2013

They used to say "it can't happen here"

A snippet of commentary from Ol' Remus as he assesses our current state of affairs:
Now we have an economy run like some rent-to-own ghetto scam, with a bubble-based financial system peddling the exact funny money the founders thought they'd abolished, and farcical entitlements designed to drain their funding many times over, all urged on by a Malthusian central government staffed top to bottom with the otherwise unemployable. We have imminent and actual collapse of central banks with confiscation of depositor's funds as their backup plan. We have a four hundred thousand-strong army of occupation with their own armored corps, secret police, informer's network and disinformation service. They tell us it's to protect the homeland. They tell us security requires zero tolerance, which is exactly how Goebbels put it.

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