Thursday, June 13, 2013

Ammo buying continues

Stopped by a Bass Pro store at last night just to see what was on the ammo shelves.

Pistol ammo stock was more depleted than I'd ever seen it. Shelves were nearly bare except for:
  • Two boxes of .38 Colt Short
  • One box of .45 ACP
  • Four boxes of .44 Magnum
  • A few boxes of .454 Catsull
Rifle ammo was more plentiful and varied but there were still some gaps. Shotgun ammo appears to have nearly caught up with demand with only a few open spots amid mostly plentiful inventory on the shotgun aisle.

It's been nearly six months since Democrats began their gun control push that ignited unprecedented civilian ammo buying and stockpiling across the U.S. And demand continues to outstrip supply.

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