Thursday, June 6, 2013

Are big government's days numbered?

Greg Gutfield writes at Breitbart:
The IRS scandal, if perceived correctly, spells the end of big government.
Because a group of average Americans mobilized as something delightfully known as the Tea Party, and made their voices heard for the first time, they were targeted. It’s not about the IRS solely, but an administration that used the IRS as its enforcement arm against speech it found disagreeable. 
They used the government to silence opposition. The IRS was their national muscle, used locally, to scare the crap out of you. They’re so powerful, they don’t even need to break your kneecaps. They just break your soul.
And it used to work--but not so much anymore.  I’m thinking (which I do now and again) that if everyone now does what those brave folks did when Obamacare first reared its ugly head, what exactly can the government do now?
I still feel discomfort that it took the Tea Parties (and others) so long to collectively out the abuse, though I do understand many were novices in dealing with the IRS. But why did people who were willing to pack town halls or march on Washington in opposition to Obamacare suffer in silence during IRS inquisitions?

Had we seen the big picture of the abuse last year or the year before, the dynamics of the 2012 election cycle might have shifted considerably. Still, I'm delighted to see the truth finally coming out, and hope this lesson about the nature of big government sticks.

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