Friday, June 28, 2013

Assessing our point and place in history

The June 28th Don and Doug program is now in replay.

I must admit, I ranted way more than usual this week.

Self-appointed "victims" now believe they have some special right to demand law and government bend to their will, and then flaunt their victimhood again as they demand opposing voices fall silent. The anti-gun No More Names bus tour is just one example.

Viewing a larger picture, the Left pushes its agenda by any means necessary, and substitution of emotion for reason is just one trick in their kit. The pace increases as fundamental transformation seems to be sweeping the land.

Many conservatives or libertarians are disheartened, perhaps some even giving up. But the Left is not as entrenched as it pretends to be. Now's not the time to fall silent. If anything, now's the time to speak louder.

Where's our next generation of patriots? Where are those who vowed to carry on for Andrew Breitbart?

A must listen program  from the Don and Doug collection.

The program is available start-to-finish via the On Demand player.

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