Monday, June 24, 2013

Bloomberg's bus bunch and the pro-Second Amendment counter presence

For all the hype, a relative handful of folks participating in and in support of the Bloomberg anti-gun No More Names bus tour turned out today outside the Georgia Capitol.

No More Names contingent outside the Georgia Capitol

However, those showing up in opposition the New York mayor's push for expanded firearm background checks appeared to outnumber the bus supporters. And many in the Second Amendment crowd came politely packing.


  1. Along with the fact Bloombergs group does not advertise it's event schedule in an attempt to minimize the ability of those with opposing view to mobilize a counter appearance.

  2. Along with the fact that Bloomberg's group is, on average, almost 4 times more likely to break the law than those that mobilize a counter appearance.

    James Schiliro, Mayor of Marcus Hook (Member of Bloomberg's group)Arraigned On Corruption, Booze, Gun Charges

    Gainesville mayor Craig Lowe (Member of Bloomberg's group) has been arrested on charges of DUI and property damage


  3. The ratio at their future stops will improve. I expect that by the time they make it to Nevada there will be a 10 or 15:1 ratio of gun rights supporters to Bloomturds.

  4. I like it ! Bloomberg wants to use his money to social engineer.
    If he had his way we'd all have body fat around 6 percent, no firearms, no junk food. I say to the Mayor, flying to Bermuda flying around every week to your Bermuda getaway you create more carbon from your
    jet than the average than average Joe will ever from a car. I expect you have bodyguards that carry firearms. Just another case that a rich guy says to the masses do as I say but I'll do want I want!Well it's time for me to go to jersey to buy my slur pie!