Tuesday, June 4, 2013

If TEOTWAWKI comes...

Ol' Remus offers some points to ponder ahead of time:
In a post-collapse scenario, what would you do if mob of violent foragers came your way? Would you and your survival group stand your ground? Would you join with other survivalist groups to face the threat? If you did, what if your combined gardens, live stock and supplies were raided not by roaming looters but by desperate people who themselves had been looted, would you oppose them with force or accept them into your community? What if your combined resources were "requisitioned" by a nearby town for The Greater Good, meaning people who are no worse off than you? What if your firearms and ammunition were also to be 'redistributed'? What if they intend to draft some of your people for labor gangs or to man their defenses? Where do you draw the line? 
History has seen a lot of this and it doesn't end well.
He continues with some of the history at this week's Woodpile Report.

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