Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Maryland fails to conduct timely background checks

One of the states that thought it smart to put a bunch of new gun restrictions in place might have been better off just beefing up resources to conduct background checks.

As it stands now, some guns are being sold and are being handed over to the buyers before Maryland gets around to doing the checks. And it's completely legal.

The Baltimore Sun notes:
An unprecedented surge of applications to purchase guns has overwhelmed Maryland's system for checking out the buyers. Dealers are required to wait seven days before releasing a firearm — which in the past has been enough time for the state police to complete the background check. 
Lately, though, it's taken two months or more. Citing state law, some dealers have stopped waiting.
How come gun friendly states don't seem to have these problems?

Are states like Maryland incompetent? Or do they deliberately under staff and ration resources, causing delays as an excuse to run to the feds for more intervention?

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  1. "Are states like Maryland incompetent?"

    Only in the sense that its politicians refuse to comply with their duty per their oaths of office to preserve and defend the Constitution and its intent because of the inherent ideological enmity with some of it's principles.

    Progressives view the Constitution as too limiting on their power to govern, and actually believe that they have the legitimate authority to ignore the parts with which they disagree.