Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Moms demand action

Maybe Mike Bloomberg's No More Names traveling gun control activists should demand a better bus.

I didn't see Bloomberg's bus at yesterday's bus tour stop in Atlanta. Later, there was a media report saying while activists made it to the event, the actual bus had "broken down."

Last Friday, the bus was reported as a no-show in Raleigh as well.

Did Bloomberg charter a crappy bus?

Can you have a bus tour without a bus?

For those wanting to see what the MIA bus looks like, Examiner.com recently ran a photo.

Update: Repairs finally done? Looks like the bus made Nashville on June 26.


  1. is it broken down or did they quit? maybe the poor showing is not helping his fight so they gave up?

    Would love to know. . .

  2. Perhaps all the bad press about listing terrorism suspects, criminals shot defensively by police and citizens, plus having mayors quitting MAIG has caused Bloomberg to question the financial benefits of the whole thing.