Thursday, June 27, 2013

Senate passes immigration bill

The Senate's immigration bill passed today 68-32.

Senator Jeff Sessions of Alabama is among the bill's most harsh critics. Not just for its contents, but for how it came to be:
You must know friends that, when the Gang of Eight said there was a delicate balance — a fragile agreement — they weren’t talking primarily about the agreement among themselves — that was secondary. They were referring to the special-interest forces that were in the room writing the bill. Those interests, those forces, had signed in blood. The Gang then signed in blood to fight off any serious ideas that would violate the secret pact.
It's an ugly bill with ugly sponsors and ugly players behind the scenes.

Will the House of Representatives have the moral courage to stand up to what the bill's senate advocates want rushed through before America wakes up and fully understands what's at stake?

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