Thursday, June 13, 2013

Why this is not the time for immigration reform

We now have a government that a large and growing percentage of Americans no longer trust.

The health care disaster called Obamacare, domestic spying, dishonest attempts to diminish the Second Amendment, the EPA's push to prematurely shut down large numbers of power plants, an IRS political hit-machine, and numerous other varied actions or disclosures over the past few years have taken a heavy toll.

The people feel vulnerable at the hands of a government that has chronic problems with passing flawed laws, and has bureaucratic agencies more aligned with special interests than the general welfare. We have a government that seems to act increasingly comfortable with disregarding the views of the citizens and the Constitutional protections that are supposed to be in place to protect us.

This is the wrong time to push another disaster in the making focused on so-called immigration reform.

What we need is a government that enforces our borders, and protects our Constitution. Not one that looks for excuses to find more people to overburden our already out of control entitlement and social service rolls. Large numbers of immigrants who now come here no longer come to help build the American nation, but who now come to milk the American social welfare system. Government intentionally compounds the abuse by actively recruiting more immigrants into programs like SNAP.

We don't have jobs or entitlement resources for the people LEGALLY here now.

Washington needs to quit pushing ambiguous fundamental transformation and lay off the central planning.  Rather than new legislation, government needs to restore the trust of the American people. The record of the Congress  in recent years is clear. Based on the outcomes of other major bills, the immigration reforms Congress now seeks to enact will leave the nation worse off should they pass.

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