Friday, July 26, 2013

CMP remains backlogged on .22 caliber ammo orders

I got an email from the Civilian Marksmanship Program today. It included a note on .22 LR back orders:
AGUILA .22 CAL AMMO. This week we received an unexpected 300 cases of Aguila 419ASVGE and 400 cases of Aguila 419ASVSE. Oldest orders for these two items will be processed next week. This will still leave 5,460 open orders for the standard velocity 419ASVSE and 309 orders for Golden Eagle 419ASVGE. The next shipment is expected in October 2013.
Whether at gun shows, online or at retail stores, .22 caliber ammo remains among the most elusive.

If you plan to give someone a .22 rifle (or pistol) for Christmas, you might want to start scouting now for some ammo to go with it.


  1. It's possible to track where all this ammo is being shipped to...if in fact it is even being produced. I can't help but feel someone in the business isn't being forthright.

    1. I've seen a couple of assessments contrasting .22 ammo demand to .22 production capacity. The first one was by Don Dickinson, and we shared it in February.

      Other than popularity, a big factor in .22 shortage is that rounds can't be reloaded. Nobody makes their own.