Wednesday, July 17, 2013

High stakes

Bob Owens notes:
The Crump-Jackson-Martin Lynch Mob may run a high risk of losing their proverbial “bloody shirt” if they attempt to sue George Zimmerman in civil court.
If a civil suit is unsuccessful, plaintiffs could find themselves on the hook for the defendant's legal fees.

Because the financial risk of a civil suit is so great, the justice for Trayvon crowd is apparently counting on the federal government to do its bidding in keeping the Zimmerman feeding frenzy live. And, according to the Orlando Sentinel, the Department of Justice is ready to comply by facilitating a nationwide snitch campaign to dig up any excuse for a federal prosecution.

But is the DOJ campaign really an honest one? Or is it just trying to placate a core Obama constituency - and how far will it go to do so?

A probe by DOJ's FBI last year reportedly found no evidence of racist leanings or intent by George Zimmerman to violate anyone's civil rights.

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