Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Melting guns in California

Five-thousand guns that came into government possession through various buyback programs were melted down and turned into rebar this week, according to the Los Angeles Times

Many of the guns were probably junkers. But a photo accompanying the story shows a pile of guns including at least one M-1 Carbine, an AR, and maybe a stock World War II type Mauser.

I've seen post-war knock-off M-1 Carbines like the Iver Johnsons selling for $400 to $500 at gun stores and shows. If the carbine in the photo is military surplus, someone may have traded a gun worth around a thousand bucks for, at most, a two hundred dollar gift card. An AR is also worth anywhere from six hundred to over a thousand bucks in the used market.

Turning in a gun at a buyback may have given some sheeple sellers a warm fuzzy for doing what they thought was the right thing. But many of them could have sold their guns to licensed dealer for a lot more than a grocery gift card. On the other hand, getting gift cards from cops is an easy way for thieves to fence a stolen guns. Government sanctioned buybacks are usually done no-questions-asked.

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