Friday, July 12, 2013

Nancy Grace is an idiot. Or worse

Nancy Grace joins those harping about no "safety" on George Zimmerman's gun. And she's apparently concerned Z had ammo in it too.

Huffington Post shares details and video.

So Z should have carried locked and empty? And you gotta love the way Grace pulls Zimmerman's dog into a grasp to emote her position more effectively.

How about we get back to proven fact: Zimmerman's gun didn't accidentally discharge despite he was knocked down and his face and head took a pounding. It's also is impractical to load a gun once a pummeling starts. And Zimmerman's gun has a long trigger pull as its safety. It's a common design characteristic of many modern handguns.

Grace is a former prosecutor, so I suspect she understands something of modern handgun designs. In that light, perhaps she's worse than an idiot. She may have intentionally evoked a defective narrative as she targets an uniformed audience gullible enough buy her spin.

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