Friday, July 5, 2013

Savage got it all wrong

Radio talk show host Michael Savage appears to be woefully ignorant of concealed carry practice in general, and as well as the KelTec 9, the kind of gun George Zimmerman was carrying the night Trayvon Martin was shot.

Under most circumstances, it makes no sense to carry a self-defense firearm without a round in the chamber. Working a slide can be awkward at times, it's not a step you want to add to an equation when seconds out, and your life hangs in the balance.

Also, the KelTec 9 has no safety device other than a long, weighted trigger pull. There was no safety to engage on Zimmerman's gun. The KelTec is not unique. Glocks have no safety, neither do run of the mill revolvers.

Bad enough that Savage went off half-cocked and got his facts wrong. What's more disturbing is that the Daily Caller repeated them without challenge, failing to check the facts and counter the fallacies.

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