Monday, July 29, 2013

The Army goes ammo shopping

Looks like the U.S. Army plans to do some shooting with AKs and Makarov pistols.

From the GSA's FedBizOpps website:
The U. S. Army Contracting Command - New Jersey, Picatinny Arsenal, NJ, in support of PD Non-Standard Ammunition (PD-NSA), intends to issue a solicitation to all existing Basic Ordering Agreement (BOA) holders for Acquisition of Non Standard Ammuntion, Ammunition Related Items & Mortar Weapon Systems to procure the following: 
1. 2,000,000 each 7.62x39mm Ball, delivered to Camp Stanley in Boerne, TX  
2. 550,000 each 7.62x39mm Ball, delivered to Blue Grass Army Depot 
3. 575,000 each 7.62x39mm Blank, delivered to Blue Grass Army Depot 
4. 425,000 each 9x18mm Ball, delivered to Blue Grass Army Depot  
Please note that only contractors that have received previously established Basic Ordering Agreements (BOAs) under W15QKN-12-X-C004 will be issued a solicitation. If you believe you are capable of supplying the abovementioned Non-Standard Ammunition (NSA), please respond to the Government's open and continuous sources sought notice, W15QKN-12-X-C008 and follow the detailed instructions. Responses to the sources sought notice will be assessed to determine the contractor's capabilities, and if determined capable, the contractor will be awarded a BOA. 
I suppose it's possible the army just wants to give soldiers a chance to cross-train with arms found in hostile territories.  Maybe.

After the invasion of Iraq, there were reports of U.S. soldiers making use of captured AKs.

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