Friday, August 2, 2013

America is changing. Have you noticed?

The U.S. Park Service may have "lost" more guns than it has police officers.  Why is a federal agency keeping large numbers of military style firearms "off inventory"?

Evidence emerges Homeland Security teams have started targeting house calls and conducting searches based on what people read or shop for on the Internet.

And government now moves beyond just controlling behavior, it wants an active role in shaping how you think. The federal government has reportedly begun hiring what's called a "Behavioral Insights Team." The goal is to find ways to "nudge" people into compliance with government's agenda.

Would previous generations of Americans allowed any of this?  Are we already living in a "digital gulag"? 

Don and I talk about it later today (Friday, August 2nd) at 1:00 pm Eastern at

A direct link to the program audio stream can be accessed here at show time. 

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