Thursday, August 1, 2013

Another gun scandal under Obama's watch

Move over ATF. This time the scandal involves the U.S. Park Service, which seems to be missing a bunch of "military style" rifles. And more.

From the UK Daily Mail:
An inspector general report prompted by an anonymous complaint revealed that the the park police couldn't account for 477 government-issued military-style rifles and couldn't tell inspectors where hundreds of other weapons were. 
An anonymous tip that prompted the investigation concerned allegations that officers were taking home weapons that weren't assigned to them. The report confirmed that this happened at least twice. 
But the larger implications of 'hundreds of guns that are off the books,' one recently retired Park Police officer told MailOnline, is 'absolutely stupid and a disaster waiting to happen.'
Think about it. At the same time lawmakers in federal and state governments are working to limit or even ban civilian access to certain firearms, federal bureaucrats are keeping stashes of arms off the books.

Why on earth would they do that? We'll likely hear it blamed on sloppiness. But this kind of sloppiness would mean five years in prison for a civilian under Sen. Schumer's proposed background check bill.

Perhaps these arms are sitting in the back of bureaucrats closets. Perhaps they've made their way to criminals in the streets. The fact a government agency keeps large numbers of guns off inventory should raise all kinds of red flags.

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