Sunday, August 11, 2013

Assessing the state of tyranny

Monty Pelerin writes:
True tyranny is serious and should not be used as a tool to smear political opponents. It is a specific condition, one which the Founders found serious enough to initiate a revolt against England.

Now it is used more as political invective than in its true meaning. Sadly, the politicians who bandy the word about for advantage are unaware of true tyranny or that they are guilty of committing it.
I seriously doubt all the accomplices in the trend toward modern tyranny do so unwittingly. But, yes, many are likely self-deluded enough not to see the trend they're a part of.

One more excerpt from Pelerin's essay:
America is now run by political sociopaths, unrestricted by laws, ethics or tradition. That characterizes both political parties. It does not matter whether we elect a “good man” next. No country survives dependent on the masses electing the right man. Countries survive with systems that protect them when the wrong man is elected. We no longer have that protection.
Full blown tyranny may not be here yet. But America sorely needs awakening to the direction it's being taken.

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