Monday, August 5, 2013

Gardening failure

My efforts at a vegetable garden this year have been a big, fat failure.

Too much rain early in the summer, along with the cloudy skies over an already marginal area for sunlight, and things just didn't take.

Squash plants became mushy and disintegrated. Tomato plants grew, but have produced little fruit; heirloom varieties have yet to yield anything ripe.  A blackberry patch along a fence line was loaded with nearly ripe berries when we left for vacation, but was barren on our return; a neighbor had spotted a deer in our backyard.

Now I find an invasion of worms has infested the broccoli. Not sure it's worth saving at this point.

Too bad we don't eat crabgrass. It's advanced faster than I can pull it out or turn it over.

After several years of bumper yields, this year is a major disappointment. Maybe I need to till it under, do some soil prep, and tarp over the plot until next spring.

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