Saturday, August 10, 2013

HUD's new game

The Department of Housing and Urban Development recently announced plans to greatly expand its reach into the kind of neighborhoods we live in.

Some ugly stuff here. Intentions may sound noble to some ears. But forced diversity at the hands of an unbridled federal bureaucracy sounds fraught with danger.

Applying terms that are less politically correct, you might even say what HUD proposes sounds like is a program of redistribution and resettlement.

We've apparently entered a new and scary era. One where the federal bureaucracy wants to micromanage not only our states and cities, but wants to micromanage us right down to the neighborhoods we live in.

Never before has it been asserted that the Constitution covers a federal bureaucracy micromanaging who can or should live in a zip code or neighborhood.

When integrationist school busing was rolled out in the '70s and '80s, many who could bolted for the 'burbs. Race was only part of motive. Many families simply didn't want their kids sitting on school buses for extended time just because a bureaucrat or federal judge thought it was a spiffy idea.

HUD's proposed misadventure may well reignite more population destabilization, taking 'burb dwellers - and perhaps major employers - even farther from the inner cities.

Beware unintended consequences.

We no longer live under the live-and-let-live federal government of the Founders.

What HUD wants is Soviet style central planning on steroids.

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