Sunday, August 18, 2013

Irritating and dishonest. Or just irritating and stupid?

CNN's Piers Morgan told a whopper on TV last week.
The insufferable Morgan then counter-claimed that, according to the FBI, no less, Virginia had the highest murder rate in the United States in 2009. Morgan’s statement would have been true only if 25 states had seceded in 2008, however, and according to the FBI’s 2009 crime report, there were still 50 states in 2009 and Virginia ranked 26thamong them in murder, with a rate 12 percent lower than the national rate.
No, I'm not surprised a gun-hater like Morgan just makes things up. But I am surprised a cable news outlet continues to let him diminish their brand. Unless maybe the goal is to make CNN something as propaganda driven as MSNBC.

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