Friday, August 2, 2013

Labeling a bit of history as inappropriate

Reading a book on Civil War history the other night, I got a hankering to hear some music of the era. There are plenty of period ballads and anthems on YouTube, both from the North and the South.

But when I clicked on one entry, I got this:

Bonnie Blue Flag is offensive? Despite the warning, I watched the video. So what? It showed some drawings of battle scenes. Nothing I saw rated a parental/consumer warning.

For those who don't know, Bonnie Blue Flag was a tune probably second in popularity behind Dixie in the South during the war. The Bonnie Blue Flag flew over batteries in Charleston that fired on Fort Sumter. For the most part, the ballad's a telling-in-song of which states seceded from the Union, and in what order (with a bit of literary license), to form the Confederacy.
First gallant South Carolina
   Nobly made the stand,
Then came Alabama,
   Who took her by the hand.
Next quickly Mississippi,
   Georgia and Florida
All raised on high the Bonnie Blue Flag
   That bears a single star...
And yes, there are other Bonnie Blue entries on YouTube without a warning, so perhaps there's more to the warning's back story. There's even a shortened movie version where Ted Turner, former head of Atlanta's Turner Broadcasting, plays the part of a Confederate officer singing along in an audience.

As with many songs of the era, Wikipedia notes Bonnie Blue Flag was also adapted and sung in praise of the Union's cause.
We trusted you as brothers,
Until you drew the sword,
With impious hands at Sumter
You cut the silver cord.
So now you hear the bugles,
We come the sons of Mars,
To rally round the brave old flag
That bears the stripes and stars.
Another bit of trivia: Do you remember what Rhett and Scarlett named their daughter in Gone With the Wind?

Bonnie Blue Butler.

But alas, with today's political correctness, GWTW is deemed offensive and inappropriate as well.

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