Friday, August 9, 2013

Obama's revisionist Boston tale

Did you catch Mr Obama on Leno earlier this week? How 'bout the part where he rewrote the history of how things played out shortly after the Boston Marathon bombing?

From a show transcript (via Politico):
One thing I've tried to do as President is not over react, but make sure that as much as possible the American people understand that there are genuine risks out there.  What's great about what we've seen with America over the last several years is how resilient we are.  So after the Boston bombing, for example, the next day folks were out there, they're going to ball games.  They are making sure that we're not reacting in a way that somehow shuts us down.  
And that's the right reaction.  Terrorists depend on the idea that we're going to be terrorized.  And we're going to live our lives.
Uh huh. Note that Mr. Obama slipped "next day" into his comments. He didn't dare mention what happened later in the week.

I distinctly remember reports of bus and train service being halted, stores and restaurants told to close. And Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick telling all Boston to stay indoors.

Just blows my mind how progressives like Obama don't even try to stick close to the facts. They just make stuff up, and expect us to swallow it whole.

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