Monday, August 19, 2013

Remaking America's military in the progressive image

Over at the Woodpile Report, Ol' Remus ponders a bit on the social remaking of America's armed forces:
The US military is probably the most traditional and honor-bound part of the government establishment, historically true to their calling and doggedly loyal to the country. In recent times it's been degraded by social experimenters, irrelevent futziness training, no-win political missions and now cammy-pattern feminism. Set against this are credible stories of derailed promotions, rumors of blackmail at flag level and many lesser examples of hostility toward members whose loyalty to the country is unwavering. Instances of supplying intel and weapons to our putative enemies, and warrettes which end not in victory but in nation building videogames if not humiliating bugouts, make it difficult for conscientious members of the military to understand why they fight. 
What appears to be happening is this. The collectivists captured the permanent government at least a couple of generations ago. Having recently annexed the Republican party they now see themselves as settling into perpetual power, and not without cause, the days of orderly change are behind us. But no regime can rule, as versus govern, without the explicit backing of the military. Mere acquiescence is not enough, there must be positive loyalty specific to the regime.
Barack Obama told you he would fundamentally change America. Too bad no one asked him for specifics when he was touting his plans for change back in 2008.

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