Saturday, August 10, 2013

Something's amiss

The "naked domain" ( is not referring traffic to the primary (

We're still up and running. But readers not using the "www" prefix are getting directed to a Google hold page.

Trying to trouble shoot, and get resolution.

Update: After racking my brain to no avail Saturday, I awake Sunday to find the naked domain now works as it should. Divine healing overnight? Or did someone reset a glitch at Google?

Regardless, glad things are back to normal.

Update II: Just after noon on Sunday. Naked domain is again being diverted to the Google Apps hold page.

Is this some kind of Google glitch. Or am I actually experiencing some sort of hack-tivity?

Update III: This appears to be a malware issue. And a very selective one, just my website address is impacted. I've scrubbed my machine inside and out, but I can't shake or trace the source. And, now that I've checked, it appears to be limited to Google Chrome. Other browsers redirect as they should.

Did I say something to make someone mad?

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