Saturday, August 17, 2013

The Left's not clowning around. But does it see the big picture?

The radical Left is remaking America in rapid order. But does it really know where it's all going?

Daniel Greenfield notes:
A liberalism that plans sex ed for elementary schoolers thinks a clown in an Obama mask is somehow inappropriate for children. Maybe if he gay-married the bull, they could have gotten behind it. 
Remember when a Bush spokesman said something negative about Bill Maher’s praise for terrorists and the media melted down in shrill hysterics about freedom of speech? 
Nope. Gone now.
Does the Left really think its shame-them-into-compliance, threats of Stalin-like reeducation, or talk of criminal prosecution will bring America fully into submission to its radical remake?

On a related note, did you catch Obama's comments on Egypt the other day?
We appreciate the complexity of the situation.  While Mohamed Morsi was elected President in a democratic election, his government was not inclusive and did not respect the views of all Egyptians.  We know that many Egyptians, millions of Egyptians, perhaps even a majority of Egyptians were calling for a change in course...
Look what Morsi's Muslim Brotherhood attempts at fundamental change in Egypt has led to in that country.

Does Obama even see the irony in his choice of words over Egypt when his own administration here at home can be seen along similar lines. Exactly where does Obama think he's taking us?

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