Friday, August 16, 2013

Thought police, gulag enforcers, and the over-sensitivity of the American Left

Daniel Greenfield writes at Sultan Knish:
What can’t be seen on the stage of Saturday Night Live must go underground to the Missouri State Fair. In every totalitarian country, the jokes that can’t be told are told anyway in secret places, between friends and to rural and working class audiences. The Soviet anecdote was born out of such restrictions.  
“Premier Andropov,” one anecdote went, “I heard you collect political anecdotes. How many do you have so far?” 
“A whole Gulag,” was the answer. An eagle-eyed Daily Kossack with a camera has added one rodeo clown and one cowboy president to the Obama gulag. 
Unlike community organizers, cowboy presidents however are capable of bearing the stings and arrows of rodeo clowns. 

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