Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Before the Left starts talking more gun ban garbage...

The DC shooter had a shotgun. That's not the kind of gun the gun-grabbers have prioritized this year. Joe Biden in on record - "get a shotgun."

Aaron Alexis had other guns, you say?

Look like he took them off police and security as he gunned 'em down. The local NBC station in DC reports:
The suspected gunman shot a security officer in the head, killing him, and took the officer's 9 mm pistol and a magazine of ammunition. The shooter then continued through the building and seemed to target his victims, who were mostly on the third and fourth floors, Bensen reported...  
Authorities are investigating whether the gunman took the D.C. police officers' rifle. 
You think the D.C. police don't know yet if the rifle belonged to a cop? The paperwork should be clean, and easy to access.

Remains to be seen how a gunman with an alleged history of gun and anger issues was able to obtain the shotgun.

But the knuckleheads who shrieking for another "assault weapon" ban may want consider where the past two mass shooters apparently got them.

By committing murder or attempting murder. In addition, the shooting at a Portland, Oregon mall last year used a stolen rifle.

The Boston bombers also killed a cop in an attempt to get a second gun.

You really think more gun laws will dissuade people hell-bent on murder?

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