Thursday, September 19, 2013

Don and Doug for Friday, September 20

The president and his administration seem to steer farther and farther from reality and accountability. Whether DC elites are ready to move forward or not, is it time for "we the people" to make the case for impeachment?

We also want to ask what things you may be doing to publicly express displeasure with the Obama regime.

Friday's Don and Doug will also look at a mix of other topics of the week including how the Left and its media attempt to rewrite the narrative after the DC Navy Yard shooting failed to follow their pre-planned script.

And a debt ceiling showdown is around the corner. But don't worry, Obama says raising it  isn't the same as increasing the debt.

Don and Doug go live at 1:00 pm Fridays on BlogTalkRadio.

Update: Link to today's program

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