Monday, September 23, 2013

Here we go again

Here we go again. Obama bin Lyin'.

Or, at the very least, Obama Be Spinnin'.

Over the weekend, the president claimed gun right rights advocates intentionally seek to arm dangerous folk.

From the Daily Caller:
President Barack Obama accused opponents of gun control of fighting to allow “dangerous people” to own guns in a speech on Saturday to activists at Congressional Black Caucus, promising he  would revive his failed gun control efforts following recent urban shootings in Chicago and Washington D.C.’s Navy Yard.
I haven't done a hard count. But mass shootings do seem to be up during the Obama years. Or maybe it's the over-saturation, agenda-driven media coverage that just makes it seem that way.

And in the case of the DC shooting, there were a series of events in the life of the troubled shooter where law enforcement and government health care officials were in a position to see some something and do something regarding Aaron Alexis's mental state and his lawful access to firearms, but it appears it was government that chose to look the other way.

Maybe Barack Obama should ask himself if there's something about his era of promised hope and change and fundamental transformation that's pushing more already disturbed persons over the edge.

More gun control is not the solution. More crazy control might be a better starting point. And that includes rolling back some of the craziness in runaway government.


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