Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Shotguns. Progressives get snared by their own scripts

"I will not take your shotgun away." - Barack Obama, 2008

Of course, he's the same guy who declared a "red line" in Syria and then said he didn't.

He also said you could keep your doctor and health insurance plan under Obamacare.

Pump action shotguns similar to the one used in the Navy Yard shooting have been around since the 1890s. But after chalking up the casualty count in DC to an AR-15, and then finding out the gunman only had a shotgun, the media's stuck with a problem of saving face. So it launches into the demonizing the pump shotgun.

Anti-gunners are trying to mobilize their troops around the DC shooting, but so much of what they claimed earlier this year falls flat here. There was no semi-automatic "assault rifle" involved, no "high capacity" magazine. Not even a detachable mag designed for quicker reloads.

Even Mike Bloomberg's Mayors Against Illegal Guns featured a pump shotgun as an acceptable sportsman's gun in one of their commercials pitching more gun control earlier this year.

From: Mayors Against Illegal Guns TV spot

Politicians will likely be excessively shy about going after people's bird guns or home defense shotguns. Especially after seeing the results of last week's pro-gun recall results in Colorado.

Which brings us back to Obama. His press secretary kept repeating the same tired spin after the Navy Yard shooting, and seems to keep the door open for additional unilateral executive action.
And we will continue to work to take action to improve gun safety in this -- to reduce gun violence in this country through executive action, and hopefully Congress will take action to reduce gun violence as well.
Should we expect action out of the White House? Or is this just more bluster from a president who continues to self-destruct his own credibility on issues both foreign and domestic.

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