Sunday, September 8, 2013

Video black out

From Fox News Nation             
Congressman Pete Olson (R) of Texas apparently had a town hall meeting that was disrupted by illegal aliens. Fox News reported there's YouTube video of the confrontation. 

But after word of the video got out, it appears whoever posted it made the video private, denying larger audiences access to the see what happened. Why's that?

Stand With Arizona also reported the video, saying the activists shot it:

"The supporters themselves recorded and posted the video... presumably to make themselves look good. We think it has the opposite effect."

Seems to me, I recall that when conservatives packed town halls and got vocal during the health care debate in 2009, many a Dem rose up and called those citizens "terrorists." Will we hear the same from Dems now that self-proclaimed "undocumented citizens" are causing disruptions?

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