Wednesday, October 9, 2013

A shutdown letter to Senator Isakson

Dashed this off in an email this morning. 
Senator Isakson,  
I saw you on CSPAN this week expressing a belief that bi-annual budgeting would restore some bipartisanship, provide more workability to the federal government.  
I suspect you are dreaming, Mr. Isakson. Democrats call your party the party of Jihad, and they call your conservative constituents terrorists. 
And yet you seem to think a few rounds of Kumbaya and a two year budget will restore sanity in DC. 
Have you looked around the past week? In Senator Reid's Nevada, private owners were  ripped from their homes on federal lands. If Mr. Reid allows his own constituents to be treated this way, can you really trust him to do right by the rest of us?
 A Massachusetts newspaper reports senior citizens visiting Yellowstone tell of park rangers acting like "Gestapo." The abuse at the hands of armed federal personnel was directed toward citizens and foreign visitors alike.
Our veterans are insulted, death benefits are denied, access to national parks and memorials are blocked to citizens, yet illegal aliens and their allies are welcome by government to hold a mass rally on the "closed" National Mall. 
Members of our own Congress stage camera-op arrests to set example for their immigration warriors to repeat across the nation. 
No more. Hold the line, and roll back the size, scope and abusive  powers of this government. Appeasing the president and the Democratic Party will only take us farther down the road to destruction. 
If you care at all about the America you grew up in, I urge you to immediately align with Senators Ted Cruz, Rand Paul and Mike Lee. We are on the verge of losing America as we knew it. 
You must be among those who  rise to help save it.
 Have you written your congressman or senators lately?

Update: A slightly reworked version has been sent to Sen. Chambliss as well.

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