Friday, October 25, 2013

More bouts with malware

If you've tried to access this blog by entering the RadioShowNotes address without the using "www." ahead of the domain name, you may have been directed not to my site, but to one that claims to be a Google place-holder.

Best I can tell, there's apparently some kind of malware out there doing this. And the malware - if that's what it is - is on the blog reader's computer accessing my site, not on my site's server.

I even had a new PC, right out of the box, go to the unauthorized redirect site.

I've managed to purge or circumvent the malware on my computers by purging past links. But others are now telling me they're having trouble seeing my site.

Sure wish I knew where this was coming from. I'm taking hard hits on web traffic as a result.

Any suggestions on restoring better redirect access would be appreciated.

Best way to access this blog without using a link, for the time being, is to remember to use the full, formal address:

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