Saturday, October 5, 2013

Obama bureaucrats threaten priests with arrest

Obama bureaucrats think a partial, selective government shutdown gives it power to control matters of faith and religious practice.

From Catholic Vote:
According the Archdiocese for Military Services, GS and contract priests (who are paid by the federal government as independent contractors in places where there aren’t enough active-duty priests to meet the needs of Catholics in military service) are being forbidden from celebrating Mass, even on a volunteer basis. 
If they violate this restriction, they face possible arrest. FOR CELEBRATING MASS. 
The Obama administration again intentionally oversteps constitutional bounds. The First Amendment protects free exercise of religion whether a practitioner is being paid or on furlough.

If a Catholic priest is arrested for practicing his established role in the faith, I hope Americans immediately demand impeachment of our president and U.S. Commander in Chief for allowing a gross infringement of a protected right under the Constitution.

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