Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Park Service peeps feeling uneasy?

After two weeks of the National Park Service doing the president's bidding, putting forces in the field to inconvenience and inflict shutdown pain on the people, a park service police officers association tries to deflect blame back on Congress.


The letter, written by the president of the Ranger Lodge of the Fraternal Order of Police, says, in part:
Park Rangers are being assigned tasks that, at minimum, are an inconvenience to the public and that often deprive the public of their access to Federal lands and facilities. 
Closing National Parks is against our nature. The reason we became Park Rangers and love our profession is because we enjoy welcoming people from around the world to our national treasures, and providing for safe and enjoyable visits to these sites, while leaving them protected for future generations. 
However, there is a law governing government shutdowns, the Anti-Deficiency Act. Over the decades, multiple administrations have implemented closures under this law. 
We are unaware of any injunction or other court-issued document that has ever overturned the government’s authority in these matters. For those who believe they have standing, we urge you to seek legal remedies in court if you believe NPS actions to close park facilities to be illegal. Life would be much easier for us if the parks were open. 
Without any contrary court findings or changes in the law, we will carry on with this miserable, thankless, and pay-less task denying public access to parks during the government shutdown. Although our actions too often make sensational news stories and fodder for pundits -- they are supported by precedent and legal guidance from government lawyers, under laws we are sworn to enforce.
The release makes no mention of a president who publicly refuses to negotiate with Congress. It seems to preclude that the executive branch has any latitude in the manner in which a partial shutdown is enforced. It attempts to blame all that's happened on law, legal precedent and the Congress.

The lack of criticism for the administration suggests this NPS employee group is aligned with management in serving as political tools of the White House.

The claim of just following orders rings hollow.

In light of events over the past two weeks, the letter appears to be another attempt to rally pressure in support of the White House positions.


  1. That letter is the same type of crap we heard from the original NAZIs, "We were only following orders."

  2. They are doing more than just denying access:


    I think they treated these people they way they did because they were perceived as weak. So ranger friendly slammed them with fines.

  3. Upon reading this written excuse, my instant thought was: then why are you NP Rangers doing what you are doing.

    In light of what has transpired things can never go back to what they where.
    Any good will between the public and these public trough feeders is gone.
    Fellow American's, paid on our dime, enforcing blatant contempt and enforcing acts of hostile intent upon we of the people who payed for literally every aspect of what is deliberately, and with foresight and open announced malice, being purposefully denied us with threat of monopoly of violence from the state if we of the people resist these acts of uncivilized diktat.

    Fuck you Park Service and the tyranny you rode in on.

  4. They can try doing the right thing, for once. Stop blocking people from the parks no matter what the administration says. Of course their very jobs depend on "creative interpretation" of the Constitution (there being no provision therein allowing federal ownership of parks) so it's not hard to guess they will continue to support the ruling thugs even as they whine and become uneasy about it.

  5. They need to stop before they hurt themselves. Its for their own good.

  6. REMEMBER: "I am just following orders" Was not a defense at the Nuremburg Trials and it isn't here either!

  7. The American people will agree to the NPS' proposal regarding "not shooting the messenger," provided the NPS provides a list as to who deserves said shooting. lol

  8. Owned by "WE THE PEOPLE". The day is coming when they will have to choose between following the orders of a tyrant or the constitution. I pray to GOD that they make the right choice.

  9. What's the matter, Mr Park Ranger? You have no spine, balls, brains, or guts to go against immoral, if not illegal, orders?? Ever since Nurnberg, "just following orders" has not worked as a legal defense.

    B Woodman

  10. "Befehl ist Befehl."

  11. I think that Protect and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies foreign and domestic trumps their silly legislative process to deprive the People of what is theirs.

    We are not serfs and this is not the King's forests and memorials, all the Federal Public Lands belong to the People not the temporarily elect officials and the brueaucrats. They better get thieer thinking cap on

  12. Two things come to mind:
    1. National Parks belong 'to the people' or so we are told endlessly. Why does a shutdown affect 'our property?'
    2. Park rangers are not getting paid to close these parks, so they're doing it because they _want_ to be petty tyrants.

  13. So, they are operating "under laws we are sworn to enforce". I am not going to equate them with the "actions" of the NAZIs, but they are certainly adopting the "defense strategy" they employed. They are essentially acknowledging that the laws are wrong and "We the People" are being denied access, but they will enforce those laws because they're just following orders.

    Say it any way you like, it certainly sounds like the same defense used to no avail at Nuremburg. Any officer arresting an American citizen under these circumstances deserves no support. If it is wrong, it is wrong. Period.

  14. When they use more park rangers to close the parks and keep them closed than they normally have when the park is open should be proof enough this was political theater. That most American's, half of them at least, don't believe obama had anything to do with it, is depressing.