Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Radios getting harder to find

I've popped in at half dozen thrift stores and antique malls in the past few days. I haven't seen a
single battery powered portable radio offered for sale.

Sure, there are stacks and stacks of old VCRs or DVD players, but good old transistor era radios?

No such luck.

Looking around on eBay, I see simple portable radios that would have sold in a thrift store for five bucks a decade ago now commands prices of thirty or forty dollars. Sometimes more.

A $5 thrift shop find
from a decade ago
If you don't have a dependable battery-powered, multi-band radio for use in storms or other grid down situations - you may want to start looking.

I tend to prefer the older, more robust transistor era radios of the 60s, 70s, and 80s to the newer chip-based stuff coming out of China.

The older analog radios may be a bit sloppy in tuning today's crowded FM band near major cities, but most oldie-but-goodies are far superior in pulling in distant AM and SW (if so equipped) stations.

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