Thursday, October 31, 2013

Someone expecting trouble in the streets?

The folks at Homeland Security are ready to fork over close to half a million dollars for pepper gas guns that will do a better job of gassing more folks faster.

Excerpted from

3. Description of Supplies/Services
The vendor shall provide the following items:

(100) TAC 700 Launchers
(39 Boxes) Inert Projectiles (1 box contains 3,000 projectiles =117,000)
(40 Boxes) Live X Projectiles (1 box contains 3,000 projectiles =120,000)
(36) Riot Expansion Kit's

The estimated cost for this requirement is $498,970.00 with delivery to be made 60 days from date of award.

4. Identification of Statutory Authority Permitting Other Than Full and Open Competition 
This order is being issued under the authority of FAR 8.405-6 (a)(1)(i)(B). FAR 8.405-6 (a)(1)(i)(B) allows for "Only one source is capable of providing the supplies or services required at the level of quality required because the supplies or services are unique or highly specialized."  
5. Demonstration That the Nature of the Acquisition Requires the Use Authority CitedPepperball Technlogies has developed and pushed forward industry standards with regards to less lethal technology. FPS has had previous experience with the Pepperball Technologies' Less Lethal Launcher System. Any change from the Pepperball Technologies' Less Lethal Launcher System would require NFTTU to make substantial changes to their less lethal training program. Such changes would cause a significant cost to the government and those costs would not be expected to be recouped through competition. Furthermore, the time required to implement a new training program would result in an interruption in the service and capabilities that could impact the agency's operations and endanger the safety of law enforcement agents. Also, since the implementation of the Pepperball system by FPS, any change to that system may impact FPS policy and result in collective bargaining issues.
The Pepperball Technologies' Less Lethal Launcher kits are substantially different in appearance to existing firearms in FPS inventory. Standards set forth by FPS and the law enforcement community require lethal and less than lethal equipment to appear different to the operator to minimize any potential safety concerns. Pepperball Technologies Inc. produces several launcher models and is the only manufacturer that provides a product specific system to meet this standard required for agents in the field during training and operational deployment.
The company receiving this contract is based in San Diego, Ca.

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