Friday, October 25, 2013

Stars and Stripes provides some defensive cover

The web is rip-roarin' with comments about the new "girly hats" the Marine Corps has under consideration for adoption (My previous post).

Now Stars and Stripes, a publication directed to those in the military, says the story as spun by the New York Post is "not true." At least the part about President Obama being behind the push.

C'mon Stars and Stripes. Mr. Obama is Commander in Chief. Obama's DOD wants a more unisex military - and is breaking down gender barriers inside the services. There are a number of changes underway inside the military as the Obama team seeks a more progressive posture.

Another service-oriented publication had the hat story before the New York Post. And, while not calling them "girly hats," the Marine Corps Times definitely notes the push for change is underway. And reaction to-date shows the proposed new look is extremely unpopular in the ranks.

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