Thursday, October 17, 2013

Stupid sickos run this public school

There's no other explanation when you read stuff like this.

At a public middle school in North Carolina, students were told a gunman was prowling on campus.

And there was. Sort of.

From Raleigh's WTVD:
In a letter that was sent home to parents, the school said it was part of enrichment exercise trying to teach kids to be aware of their surroundings. A school employee dressed up in a ski mask and carrying a fake gun pretended to be a robber.
Seems to me, there was actual intent to instill emotional trauma here.

Never mind that a student with access to a cellphone might have called a parent or someone else nearby, pleading for help.

Who would have been to blame if an armed civilian, or even an off duty cop arrived on campus - and shot the "intruder"?

And the way some schools are run now, there's an outside chance an armed student, who'd smuggled a gun on campus, might have opened fire.

"Enrichment exercise"? This was just a dumb stunt. A stupid exercise designed to make kids scared, and perhaps intentionally escalate fear of guns.

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