Thursday, October 10, 2013

Take note of what's happened. We've witnessed transformation

William Jacobson wrote this at Legal Insurrection four days ago:
As bad as the Battle of the Barrycades is in Washington, D.C., forcing WWII Vets to have to push their way past barricades at the WWII Memorial, Lincoln Memorial, Vietnam Memorial, and Iwo Jima Memorial, what the feds did at Mount Rushmore has to be the most petty and insane of them all. 
The feds didn’t just shut the access roads — even though the state offered to pay to keep them open — it erected cones along a viewing road in the distance to prevent people from pulling over to view the presidential monument.
The executive branch, at the direction of President Barack Obama, displayed (and continues to display) open contempt for the people of these United States.

I am disgusted to see Republican leadership in the House of Representatives now looking for wiggle room to quietly surrender to this bully president. Appeasement after what's transpired under the guise of a government shutdown will only embolden progressive tyrants to grasp farther and with a heavier hand next time.

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