Thursday, October 17, 2013

Take stock while you have time to plan

Government budget woes, store disruptions by last weekend's EBT glitch, and other things seem to have more people pondering what to do to prepare themselves in the event of a financial crisis or retail inventory disruptions caused by other events.

Plan ahead.

"Survival" vendors are big on freeze-dried-this and dehydrated-that, but don't overlook some good old standbys as you ponder putting aside provisions to cover a longer duration.

Among my favorites is good old canned goods.

Many have a shelf life of two to three years. Buy ahead of need, use the oldest first, replace what you use as you use it. In other words, rotate your home inventory.

Put paper products on your list too. Toilet paper, paper towels, paper plates. Using paper during power outages means no need to wash dirty dishes, launder dirty washcloths.

Save a bundle by stocking up on both canned goods and paper products when stores have 'em on special. You'll actually save money on your grocery bill by taking advantage of "loss leader" super-specials.

Water, toiletries, ammo (if you have firearms) should also be on your list.

The time to think and plan is now, not when an emergency is upon us.

And there's no need to get too exotic when first starting to prep. The closer your food and toiletry preps facilitate your regular meals and habits, the more comfortable you'll likely be when the world outside starts going crazy.

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