Tuesday, October 15, 2013

The thought occurred to me...

What if last weekend's "glitch" in the national EBT system was more than just a regular server update gone sour?

Is there any chance what happened Saturday was the result of a government program that's grown too big too fast for its digital infrastructure to keep up with new and growing demand?

If that's the case, additional outages may be expected. Of varying duration.

What kind of reaction do you expect if these outages become more frequent. Or come in a longer duration?

Things got pretty nutty in some places last Saturday. And what happened may foreshadow bigger things to come.

Are you sufficiently prepped to spend some "duck and cover" time at home should things start getting screwy in the streets?

Meanwhile, here's an additional set of post-EBT crash musings at Ace of Spades.

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