Saturday, October 26, 2013

Twisted Dems put another gun to America's head

Give Obama what he wants on immigration - or risk flooding the land with illegals knowing Obama will refuse to deport any of them.

That's apparently how Democrats want to play it. At least one is bold enough to proclaim it.

President Obama "has the responsibility" to stop deportations of illegal immigrants if Congress proves unable to pass a comprehensive immigration bill, Rep. Luis Gutierrez (D-Ill.) argued in an interview published Friday 
"There are devastating effects if the Congress of the United States cannot enact comprehensive immigration reform – then the president of the United States has the responsibility to act to defend those immigrants which he says he wants to provide safety and justice for," Gutierrez told Salon.
Did I miss the part in the oath of office where the president vows to uphold safety and justice for illegal immigrants?

Just like dealing with German Nazis. Appeasement doesn't work. The more they get, the more progressive Democrats demand - and put deeper and deeper threats behind it.

It is past time to draw the line in the sand. Force the president to either abide by laws of the land - or put him in a clear position where it is obvious he's politically in default on his constitutional obligations.

If Republicans again bow to threats and blackmail, they're as responsible for the coming destruction of America as the Democrats who act as the architects of our downfall.

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