Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Unauthorized viewing

From: Hope N' Change Cartoons
I've noted from news reports that hiking trails and green spaces on federal lands and national parks are now off limits during the government shutdown. National monuments are also closed.

I guess the federal government deems these places unusable unless American citizens are under the direct surveillance or supervision of federal employees.

The website for the Library of Congress is also shut down. What's the cost of keeping an automated website up and running?


But while the Library of Congress website has been ordered closed, the White House website remains up, though it caries a disclaimer that it may be delayed in posting new items.


Here's another shutdown change out of the White House: Michelle Obama promises her Twitter feed, at least for the time being, will be limited.

Via Twitter

It remains unclear how many White House staffers it takes to run a First Lady Twitter feed. We don't even know if any of the First Lady's staff have been furloughed.

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