Thursday, October 10, 2013

Write your Congressman now

It's urgent that members of the House hear from you. 

Here's the letter I sent to my representative this morning:
I read this morning that Speaker Boehner, Congressman Cantor, and others among GOP leadership are looking for an excuse to surrender to the progressive cabal, and move to fully fund Obamacare. 
Obamacare has shown itself to be fatally flawed. Now Republican leadership seems to  want to claim the same distinction. 
Is there any way this madness can be stopped? Disenfranchising the Republican base, which holds to common sense, practical views on life, liberty and government, is not in the best interest of the nation or the Republican Party. 
In the past ten days, we've seen glimpses of that Obama's fundamentally transformed America as delivered to date. Elderly veterans bullied while visiting their own memorial, visitors to  our national parks detained and ejected, private businesses shut down on the whims of bureaucrats - using guidelines dictated by the White House.  
The nation turned to the GOP in 2010 to stop this coming madness. Sadly, the performance of the House since then, not counting ceremonial votes that carried no consequence, has seemed more in line with Europe's Quisling than the American Constitution. 
Please convey to Mr. Speaker and Mr. Cantor that, in my opinion, their disregard for the will  of conservative Americans may well permanently divide, and perhaps destroy, the party of Lincoln and Reagan. 
Surrendering to Mr. Obama and Mr. Reid's senate, especially in light of recent intimidation campaigns waged against the America citizens, sets an especially dangerous precedent. 
To borrow a phrase from Nancy Reagan, "Just say no."
Note: The link in the text was added to this posted version for clarity, it was not part of the original email.

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