Monday, November 11, 2013

Chicken from China

As if tainted pet treats imported from China haven't killed enough...

Obama's USDA wants to open the door for China's chickens... for human consumption in the USA...

Even ol' Chuckie Schumer's fumin' about this one.

From CBS New York:
This has never happened before, and it is a bad idea, Schumer argued. 
“China has a terrible record on health safety, and chickens are one of the things that need the most care and inspections,” he said. 
Schumer called the plan a huge change in policy, and a big mistake.
But... government inspections will make sure all is okay, right?

Who'd have thought the Obama team was cooking up an assault on the American poultry industry?

Until now, perhaps only the "paranoid" who ascribe to "theories" like Cloward Piven.

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